Canadian Spa – features as standard

Features as standard

When buying a spa, the last thing you want is to see a feature you like only to find out its chargeable later on. At Canadian spa we believe when we build a spa, we build it with all the options and features as standard. Take for instance our premium Aurora light system, which include: a large, 5 inch underwater LED light, perimeter ‘waterline’ lighting, cascading LED-backlit waterfalls and lights installed within the speakers. The lights can then be configured for a variety of colours and mood effects right from the Balboa touch control.

Another example is ability to play music while in our spa. All acrylic Canadian Spas come equipped with the use of an ipod/mp3 system- or anything with a 3.5mm auxiliary port (standard headphones jack). These speakers allow for loud base filled sound, all encased within a water resistant case. These speakers slowly rise from their holsters with a tap and are retractable making them a seamless part of the overall look of the spa.

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