Christmas gift ideas for your hot tub

GIFT IDEA – Aromatherapy beads…add your favourite scents

Many people enjoy the relaxation benefits that essential oils and aromatic compounds can provide through aromatherapy. Take advantage of this function, purchase some aromatherapy beads in your favourite scent and place them inside the aromatherapy canister of your hot tub.

GIFT IDEA: Long-handled Spa Pump Vac

To keep your hot tub/spa water in tip top condition we recommend the ‘easy to use’ spa pump vacuum. The spa vac enables the removal of grit and all other non-floating debris from the floor and seats of your spa, swim spa or exercise pool.

GIFT IDEA: Hot tub cover/lifter

Hot tub Covers help shield your water treatment products from the suns UV rays, which can break down chlorine for unsafe hot tub conditions.

Covers also help your hot tub retain its heat throughout the day and night, saving you money by reducing heater run times. They can easily be removed for use or for storage. Buy a cover lifter and make light work of hot tub cover removal.

GIFT IDEA: Disco lights

Features ten different lighting effects and an internal rotor that will transform a spa or swimming pool into a galaxy of light. Watch the fun and excitement take off as the dynamic light show orbits rotating patterns of colour and light that will fill your hot tub. 10 different light shows available.

GIFT IDEA: Filter clean wand

The hand held filter cleaner is so easy to use – simply attach it to your garden hose!If you are interested in green issues you will be pleased to know that this Hot tub Filter cleaner reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50% and substantially decreases water wastage.

GIFT IDEA: Hot tub cushion

  • Suitable for all spas and hot tubs
  • Comfortable and attractive design
  • Firmness and size can be adjusted by amount of water used
  • Heavy-duty heat resistant material
  • Easily filled using standard hose nozzle
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