Crane in your hot tub

If access to your garden is restricted you may want to consider removing a fence panel from your garden fence or creating an opening in order to deliver your spa to your preferred location at your home (IMPORTANT: Check the size of your spa (see Canadian Spa hot tub sizes below) we require an opening not less than the size of your spa plus at least 40cm height for the delivery trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side).


In the event that your hot tub cannot fit through your garden access you may wish to consider hiring a crane in order to lift the spa over your property or other obstacles.






























Canadian Spa hot tub sizes:

  • Yukon Plug & Play:200cm x 100cm x 74cm
  • Quebec Plug & Play: 200cm x 150cm x 80cm
  • Winnipeg Plug & Play:200cm x 200cm x 80cm
  • Toronto:213cm x 213cm x 82cm
  • Thunder Bay: 220cm x 220cm x 85cm
  • Niagara: Dimensions: 228cm x 228cm x 99cm
  • Vancouver: 228cm x 228cm x 87cm
  • Victoria: 220cm x 220cm x 85cm
  • Alberta: 211cm x 211cm x 85cm
  • Halifax: 213cm x 160cm x 85cm
  • Montreal: 213cm x 160cm x 85cm
  • St Lawrence 13’ Sport Pool: 390cm x 230cm x 140cm
  • St Lawrence 16’ Swim Spa : 500cm x 230cm x 140cm
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