Energy saving tips for your hot tub


During the autumn and winter when the temperature gets colder your hot tub has to work harder to stay warm. This can increase the cost of your energy bill. There are ways to reduce the amount of energy it uses:

  • A worn down hot tub cover reduces insulation efficiency, also make sure your cover is not getting heavier, this means it’s becoming waterlogged and needs to be replaced. If you don’t have one already purchase a quality Canadian Spa hot tub cover to provide important insulation for the water in the hot tub, keeping it warmer.
  • The temperature at which you set your water can make all the difference in the energy used. When you are not using for long periods of time, lower the temperature in order to save energy consumption.
  • In order to maintain privacy erect a fence, panels or shrubs around your hot tub to reduce wind exposure to the hot tub/water keeping it warmer.
  • Whenever you’re not using the hot tub, make sure the jets and lights are all off. Also, avoid air blowers as they can reduce water temperature, making your hot tub work harder to stay warm.
  • Operating your spa with clogged spa filters reduces the circulation in your hot tub and forces it to use more energy. Make sure to check your filters regularly
    and clean filters when needed. It’s safe to assume that they need to be cleaned
    whenever you do a major clean on your hot tub.

By applying these simple changes, you can save energy and money whilst helping your hot tub run more efficiently.

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