Extending the life of your filter cartridge

Your hot tub filter plays a vital role for successfully operating your hot tub and ensuring that your water remains free of debris. A clean filter allows for efficient circulation which reduces the load on your spa equipment. As you use your spa the filter will start to collect debris and over time (4-6 months) will eventually stop functioning properly. One option you have at this point is to replace the filter cartridge, but these can be expensive at your local spa dealer. With a little time (and elbow grease) you can save yourself some money by cleaning out your filter and restoring it to its original state. This can easily be accomplished in 5-10 minutes with a garden hose and some supplies:

  1. Turn off your spa and remove your filter
  2. Remove any large debris (sticks, rocks, leaves etc) from the filter with your hands
  3. Place your filter inside a plastic waste bin and apply some Filter Cleaner
  4. Once the filter is all soaped up, remove it from the bin and spray it down with a garden hose (you can attach your hose to a Waterwand Filter Cleaner which cleans deep inside the pleats)
  5. Spray down any extra soap and your filter should be as good as new

These simple steps can save you a lot of money over time, and with the Waterwand and some Filter Cleaner the job can be performed effortlessly.

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