Getting the most out of your spa pillows

Your spa pillows add to your relaxation as they allow you to lay back and forget about your worries for awhile. They offer that extra bit of comfort which is vital to your enjoyment, and therefore should be properly taken care of. A common mistake that customers make is disregarding the effect that their chemicals will have on their pillows. When treating your spa with chemicals, keep in mind that whatever you put into the spa will affect the pillows as well. Some of these additives are very potent and corrosive, and will eat away at the pillows themselves, causing them to crack and fall apart.

Another cause of pillow damage is exposing them to too much ozone. The ozone generator within your spa will run for the duration of the filter cycle to properly sanitize and clean the water. Prolonged exposure to this ozone can cause the pillows to deteriorate, leaving you with a discoloured and cracked spa pillow.

Keep this information in mind to extend the lifetime of your pillows:

1) Only use the recommended amount of chemicals for your spa, and avoid “spiking” your spa with chemicals

2) Reduce the duration of the filter cycle to prevent any ozone cracking from occurring

3) Removing the pillows from the spa after each use would prove to be the best deterrent, and would keep your spa looking brand new.

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