Heat temperature light flashing on Muskoka Spa

Muskoka Display Panel

  • Once you have set your desired temperature a  red light will illuminate (above the heat button) indicating that the water temperature is heating up. When the desired temperature has been reached this red light will flash.
  • When you press the Blower button (C) the Circulation Pump and the heater will stop as a consequence the temperature on the display decreases (due to no flow of water between the control unit and the spa).
  • To regain heat turn the blower button (C) off and press the heat button (E), the Circulation Pump will restart and the temperature will increase or the heating mode will restart automatically after the water temperature drops 2°C/2°F (approx) below the set temperature. Max. heat temperature: 40°C (104°F ). Allow 24 -48 hours to heat up your spa.
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