Hot Tub Focus: Vancouver 6-7 person spa

The Vancouver spa is a perfect hot tub for couples, families and friends. It includes dual loungers to provide a deep tissue massage to both people at the same time. This large  spa is a great addition to any garden or patio and will provide you and your guests with hours of enjoyment.

Large twin-core 5 HP pumps and a heated air blower provide enough power to keep everyone satisfied, and can be customised to anyone’s tastes.

It comes with 65 hydro-therapy massage jets and 12 Skin therapy jets. The large number of jets ensure you receive the very best deep massage.

Features include:

  • Jet Breakdown = 65
  • Shoulder & Neck Jets = 7
  • Back Jets = 30
  • Hip Jets = 2
  • Leg Jets = 7
  • Foot Jets = 7
  • Heated Air jets = 12
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