Hot tub pre delivery set up

When planning your spa location keep these tips in mind:

  • Water should always drain away from the spa. DO NOT locate your spa in a low run-off area since melting snow or rain could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage
  • Allow a minimum of 3’ (1m) access around the base of the spa in case your spa requires servicing
  • Do not locate your spa underneath any overhanging wires and keep it clear of any electrical appliances
  • Try to position your spa away from any overhanging trees as small debris (such as pine needles) can become lodged inside the jets, causing damage to the equipment
  • Be sure to have a proper base created before delivery. Your spa must be placed on a flat, level surface that is at least 4” (10 cm) thick and every part of the spa base must be in contact with the surface. Solid concrete, Patio stones, concrete slabs, and well supported decks should be sufficient to support for your spa
  • For swim spa owners: your spa will arrive as a single unit on a flatbed truck and will require a crane or other mechanical method of unloading to get the spa to your location. We recommend that you hire a professional lifting company to assess the situation and organise the move for you. Canadian Spa Company will not take any responsibility for moving the spa and the spa warranty does not cover damage incurred from unloading. We recommend a 6” (15cm) re-enforced concrete pad as a suitable base for your swim spa
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