How do I find a leak in a hot tub?

If you see water leaking from your hot tub check out the following:

  • Is the drain on side of spa open or closed (in is OPEN – out is CLOSED)
  • Pump/heater union leaks – these 2x large nuts that hold pipework to pump/motor on the wet end which may have become loose due to vibration – using large grips turn anti clockwise to tighten.
  • Have any of the controllers on top of the spa been unscrewed allowing water to pour over the side or down in-between the valve. The waterfall controller is often unscrewed when only half a turn is needed. Turn off power to spa, unscrew waterfall valve and see if O-ring is still in place.
  • If the motor sounds noisier than normal this maybe an indication that the pump seal on wet end may have failed and need replacing.
  • Is there water coming from the ozone. The return valve on the ozone could have failed causing water to back flow into unit.
  • Check the plumbing lines to see if you can see any dripping water.
  • Jets bodies may also have become loose from transportation/delivery. Similar to checking plumbing for leaks look around the nut of the jet bodies to see if you can see a build-up/drip of water from area.
  • Prevent leaks by maintaining the hot tub water and when draining before winter avoid leaving any remaining water in the hot tub when outdoors, as in the winter this can lead to water FREEZING and expanding into manifolds or plumbing which will cause them to crack. (Freezing pipes will not be covered under the warranty)
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