New Grand Rapids inflatable spa

One of the deepest inflatable spas in the market

We are pleased to launch our new inflatable spa for 2014. The Grand Rapids spa is easy to assemble and comes with an RCD protected cable ready to plug into a normal 13 Amp household socket.

The spa control unit is simple to operate allowing you to select heat and massage controls. The control unit is also used to inflate the spa’s three chambers and the insulated lid. The control unit includes a filter to keep your spa water free from impurities as well as a thermal blanket for easier heating and to make the spa more efficient. The spa lid has locking straps for safety and keep your spa water warm.

The Grand Rapids insulation package is second to none and our operating cost is the lowest for this type of product, most other inflatable spas will be double the monthly operating costs.

Totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full massage. Compared to our competitors this is one of the deepest spas on the market at 29inches deep. Most of other inflatables are less than 28 inches deep and will have less than 18″ of water.







  • Seating capacity 4
  • Water capacity 800L / 211gal
  • Outer spa diameter 70” x 29” (180cm x 74cm)
  • Inner spa diameter 55” (140 cm)
  • Depth without Cover 73 cm / 29” With cover 97cm / 39”
  • Number of air jets 88
  • Power rated 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp with RC
  • Heater 1910W
  • Massage pump 500W
  • Power cable length 4.5m / 15 feet
  • Filter Pump AC 12V / 60W
  • 2300L / 600 gal / H
  • Top lid 6” Cover with locking straps

What’s in the box:

  • Thermal blanket
  • RCD protected cable
  • Control unit & Filter cartridge
  • Inflatable insulated lid

The Grand Rapids comes with 12 month guarantee

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