Positioning of your spa/hot tub

When selecting a site for your spa, take into account the following:

A) Local Codes: There may be certain restrictions and/or requirements that are particular to your locality. If in doubt, check with your local council.

B) Delivery Passageway: The spa will arrive as a unit, and cannot be disassembled. Ideally the spa will be placed on a trolley, either on its side or on  its base. The unit will then be rolled into place easily crossing grass, gravel, and small terrain anomalies. For safe and non-intrusive installation, we require an opening not less than the size of your spa plus at least 40cm height for the trolley and a minimum of 5cm clearance on each side. If your access does not meet these conditions, or in the case of other obstacles (steps, fences, walls, steep hills, etc.) contact Canadian Spa Company for advice and conditions.

C) Location & Base: A sheltered environment can result in lower operating and maintenance costs. You must allow 1 metre clearance for access to the spa’s access panel for servicing.

• The site you select for your spa MUST have a level surface that fully contacts the bottom of the spa.

• Your new spa weighs between 900kg and 1,400kg when full, therefore a solid support is essential when the spa is mounted on a deck or ground level patio/floor. We recommend that you install your spa at ground level. This allows easy access to the equipment.

• A 10 to 15cm thick reinforced concrete slab is ideal, but not required. In most cases your spa can be placed on properly installed existing patios or decking as long as it is level.

• The base must be at least the size of the bottom of your spa (see dealer for current sizes).

• Water should always drain away from the spa. DO NOT locate your spa in a low run-off area since melting snow or rain could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage.

• DO NOT situate spa near or under overhead wires, keep clear of all electrical appliances.

Your local building surveyor will give you the requirements for proper support of your hot tub on a wood deck. The average sized hot tub filled with water can weigh more than the car in your driveway. It must be supported properly to ensure a safe and reliable installation.

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