Quality insulated hot tub covers

It is very important to have a good quality hot tub cover. This ensures then that
no heat is lost which could cost you extra money and time with reheating (this
is similar to a house with good loft insulation which will save you money and
keep you warmer for longer).

Canadian Spa Company uses 5 inch (tapered to 3 inch) standard thickness foam which we
find to be much more effective than competitors who commonly use a 4inch to
2inch standard type. The type of foam used is one and a half pound virgin foam
as its density allows for excellent quality and heat retention, valuable for
keeping the heat locked in and not escaping out of the hot tub cover.
Furthermore this foam is also significant in that it can withstand substantial
force* rather than other foams which can break under slight pressure. * Please note: hot tub covers are not meant to be stood on.

To complement the foam all our covers have an aluminium “C” channel (a
rod or spine down the centre) to reinforce its strength. Lastly the foam is
covered by a double vapour wrap which serves to ensure that no moistures makes
it into the cover.

The insulation in our covers is second to none and offers an unparalleled protection
against the loss of heat ensuring the hot tub remains fully functional to the
best of its capability.

View our hot tub covers web page for more information.

Cover Lifters

Consider buying a cover lifter in order to make cover removal and replacement a quick, one-handed operation while reducing wear and tear on your hot tub cover.

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