Replace a heater sensor in hot tub (Toronto model)

TOOLS NEEDED: Drill, Phillips CH3 screwdriver, Grips

IMPORTANT: SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BY DISCONNECTING THE PLUG AT THE SOCKET OR ISOLATION SWITCH. Please contact a qualified electrician if you need assistance or contact us at Canadian Spa

STEP 1 – Remove panels below the ‘touch pad’


STEP 2 – Shut down the ‘slice valves’

STEP 3 – Unscrew face plate of control box using screwdriver

STEP 4 – Unplug sensors plug from circuit board – Pinch tab down before pulling out plug.

STEP 5  – Unscrew heater nuts using pair of grips to remove water from tube

STEP 6 – Unscrew both locking nuts on sensors

STEP 7 – Pull out sensors from mount

STEP 8 – To fit NEW Sensors re-assemble the above sequence in reverse

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