Taking care of your hot tub water

In order to get the most out of your hot tub you need to look after your water on a regular basis.

Keep it clean: The best time to clean your hot tub is when you are changing the water. Use a mild solution of Chlorine and water  or try using bicarbonate of soda mixed with a little water and apply with a soft cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners as this could damage the spa shell.

Easy to use spa pump vacuum

For removing debris in between big cleans, invest in a spa vacuum designed for hot tubs. There is no need to empty your hot to use the vacuum. Uses simple pump action to create suction. No hoses or connections required.

Telescopic handled leaf skimmer net

Alternatively for removal of surface debris, you could purchase a ‘telescopic handled leaf skimmer net’


Cleaning and changing filters: Regularly clean the filters; we’d recommend every month. You can use a product especially for this purpose and hose your filters thoroughly especially between their pleats.


Water wand: hand held filter cleaner

Try using a ‘Water wand’ hand held filter cleaner – it’s so easy to use, simply attach it to your garden hose! If you are interested in green issues you will be pleased to know that this hot tub filter cleaner reduces filter cleaning time by more than 50% and substantially decreases water wastage.

Fresh water and sanitising: How often does the water need changing? Well providing you are using sanitisers which help with this problem, probably about once a month. Drain the old water and as we mentioned above, give your hot tub a good clean. You might want to add a ‘spa clean’ product when you refill. This could be a chlorine or a bromine sanitiser. Both kill bacteria, algae and other impurities in the water. It is important to follow instructions for the amount you use in ratio with the water. Too much could irritate your skin or eyes and even your lungs.

Water balance: It is important to check the ph balance of your hot tub water regularly. Use Canadian Spa test strips to check the values. Also check the water hardness in your area – if you live in a hard water area the amount of calcium in the water is likely to be high and lime scale could build up in the components. Alkali levels: this depends on the water in your area too. If Alkali levels are too low, corrosion and damage to the hot tub are likely.

Regular chemical treatment: Proper chemical maintenance helps to keep your water clean and safe, while softening the load on your spa equipment. This prolongs your spa’s life and gets you the most out of your purchase. For advice on a chemical maintenance treatment regime for your hot tub.

Don’t forget your hot tub cover: Hose it down to get rid of any dirt and use a mild detergent and sponge to clean the top. Clean the underside with water only and dry off thoroughly.

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