Taking care of your spa this winter

The cold winter season can be a great time to enjoy your spa after spending hours shovelling your driveway. Nothing beats entering the 39°C water to relax while high-powered jets slowly massage your aching back, with the snow swirling all around you. This may sound like the perfect end to the day, but unfortunately without the proper attention and care given to your spa, you may remove the cover only to find yourself staring at a block of ice.

To properly maintain your spa during the winter a certain amount of attention and upkeep is required to avert any unpleasant disasters. Here are a couple preventative measures you can take…

  • If you know you aren’t going to use the spa during the winter, the best prevention method is to properly winterise your spa 
  • Try to make it a daily habit to check on your spa, just a peek under the cover and dipping your hand into the spa will ensure that the spa is operational
  • If you will be going away for an extended period of time, try to have someone check up on your spa. A small power outage can sometimes cause the breaker to trip, and without resetting it your spa may become damaged
  • When first deciding where to place your spa, try to place it close enough to your house to make it easier to check up on it
  • If you do notice anything suspicious, don’t hesitate to contact us on (01293 824094) and we can properly assist you with the situation
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