Thermal reclamation – superior hot tub shell insulation

Superior closed cell' foam in our spa shells ensures minimal heat loss through the hot tub

Canadian Spa Company hot tub use state of the art insulating technology to ensure that our customers get an amazing deal and long term benefit.

We insulate the shells of the hot tubs using closed cell foam which has a high
density to lock in any heat that may occur through conduction. The small bubble serve to trap any heat escaping and send it back creating a moving cycle of
conduction and conversion allowing the heat to surround the hot tub and ensure
everything remains heated. If any heat does make it through the foam, there is
added insulation in the form of a silver padded foil lining on the shell of the
hot tub, which transmits the heat back inwards. This reflected heat can then be
combined with the heat from the pump and is re used to heat the water through
the jets ensuring that no heat is wasted as the air is drawn from the cabinet
back into system, known as a thermal reclamation system. This unique and effective system ensures that there is minimal heat loss even in harsh weather conditions, making our spas durable and efficient and beautifully warm.

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