Understanding your hot tub cover radius

Ordering a hot tub cover can be a tricky operation, and requires that you are aware of the measurements of your spa. One dimension that is needed by the manufacturer is the cover radius, which is simply the outside radius of the corners of your spa. There are three common measurements that are used for hot tub covers as the cover mould can be expensive: 0” radius (right-angle), 4” radius and 8” radius.

Various radius measurements for spa covers

If you are unsure as to what the radius is of your previous cover (and you know it has rounded corners) then a 4” radius would be the best choice as it is compatible with all larger sizes. What about the extra overhang with a 4” radius? With a 4” radius the thermal seal is made between the cover and the acrylic parcel shelf, with flaps being purely aesthetic, so the slight over hang won’t compromise your tough hot tub insulation. At the Canadian Spa Company we sell covers with a 4” radius cover to fit all your cover needs and provide you with a cover that fits your spa for the best price.

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