Using a cover lifter with your spa cover

Your spa cover is one of the most important parts of your spa that helps to keep your temperature high, and therefore you should take care of it as much as you can. By using a proper cover lifter, you can ensure that your cover is operated properly and safely. Cover lifters are typically installed onto the side of the spa by drilling them into the cabinet panels. Some cover lifters offer a “under mount bracket” that sits underneath the spa to prevent damage to the panels.

Under mount bracket used for cover lifters

These may appear to be a good alternative to a mounted cover lifter, but unfortunately they will cause trouble in the long run. These “under mount brackets” are mainly used by dealers for their indoor showroom to protect the spa from cosmetic damage. When used outside, they aren’t secured to the spa in any way, and therefore can easily be blown away by the wind. At the Canadian Spa Company we recommend that you properly mount your cover lifter to the spa, and if you wish to remove it later, you can always order additional panels for replacement.

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