White water fungi

If you start to notice a white tissue-paper like material building up on the pipes of your hot tub you may have a white water fungi problem. This string-like substance is caused by poor water maintenance and is tough to get rid of as it very resistant against normal chemical treatment (chlorine and bromine). If you believe you may have a case of white water fungi, follow the steps below to treat it

  • Physically wipe down and clean all hot tub surfaces (including pillows) weekly
  • Change the filter cycle to continuous filtration (FC) until the treatment is completed
  • Increase the “Spa Shock” dosage to triple the amount
  • When changing the water use “Whirlpool Rinse” to break up any build-ups that may appear
  • Check that your water is maintained and balanced at all times

Constant attention and upkeep is the best preventative method to ensure that you don’t receive this problem and helps to keep your spa clean and safe

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