Why does “FLO” mean in my hot tub panel display

  1. This is an indication of a pressure switch stuck in the closed position.
  2. Check the slice valves and verify that they are open.
  3. Make sure the pressure switch wire is connected to the proper circuit board connector.
  4. Disconnect the pressure switch wire from the circuit board.
  5. If the hot tub operates normally, then recalibrate the pressure switch.
  6. If the pressure switch cannot be recalibrated then replace it.
  7. If the problem continues after disconnecting the pressure switch wire from the circuit board, replace the board.
This is NOT intended as a service guide or a means for you, as the consumer, to service your equipment in any way. this information is being provided for informational purposes only. Any and all service should be performed by a licensed spa technician.
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