Swift Current V2 125-Jet 5-Person Portable Hot Tub

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Please consider the next models up of which we have limited stock. All five use hydrotherapy jets for massage rather than the air jets on the Swift Current V2 and are much more durable than portable spas.

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The Swift Current portable hot tub version 2 (V2) offers individuality, environmental friendliness and maximum flexibility. All in all a great way to relax and unwind from the stressful hustle and bustle of everyday life. The Swift Current V2 portable spa is a unique design that allows the spa to be placed virtually anywhere enabling you to enjoy what was once an occasional luxury, every day of the year. Soothing scents provided by our new aromatherapy system will allow you to drift into the tranquility of your own garden sanctuary. The spa controls allow you adjust temperature and operate the massage function to your preference with a choice of three levels of intensity.

Energy efficient. The Swift Current V2 is a market leader when it comes to heat retention. The control unit incorporates a pump, motor and heater into a single unit. The filtered water is warmed using a heat jacket technology, reducing energy consumption to an absolute minimum and helping keep your heater free from scale. The rigid foam walls provide unbeatable insulation and ensures the spa is suitable for use in all climates. Moreover heating and bubbling work together to provide a comfortable massage experience whilst retaining maximum heat.

Portable. Lightweight, easy to use, simple to install: Since the Swift Current V2 is the world's most portable spa; there are no access restriction as to where you can install it. The spa can be carried through a standard door piece by piece with ease and assembled at your chosen location.

Easy assembly. The Swift Current V2 can be assembled in just 15 minutes by almost anyone, requiring no tools. (Time to fill the spa with a standard garden hose will vary depending on the hose pressure at your property).

Comfortable. When it comes to comfort and relaxation, the Swift Current V2 cannot be beaten. The soft but firm foam walls makes the Swift Current V2 as cosy and comfortable as a leather sofa whichever position you choose and thanks to its low non slip textured rim it is even easy to get in and out of so you can be sure to make a glamorous entrance!

Standard electrics. The Swift Current V2 is a Plug & Play hot tub meaning that you can plug the Swift Current V2's 3 pin plug into a standard 13 amp outdoor socket (7m cable length from control unit). There is no special electrical installation is required to set up your spa.

Stylish. Beautiful and tactile materials, modern exterior colours and practical, stylish accessories, the Swift Current V2 is the quintessence of design, style and superior quality.

Quiet. The Swift Current V2 is equipped with a self-contained control unit, muffling any noise from the air blower which makes it one of the quietest portable spas in the world. You can sit back and relax in soothing massage without worrying about disturbing the neighbours.

Hygienic. The automatic filtration function of the Swift Current V2s Microban anti-bacterial filtration aids intensive and hygienic water purification so that you can relax in crystal clear, high-quality water every time you take a soak!

Ready on demand. Due to the superior insulation, you would heat the spa from garden hose temperature initially but then the Swift Current V2 will kick out the heater and maintain the temperature intelligently within 1C, leaving the spa to run automatically 24/7 - the most efficient way to run. This means after the initial heat the spa is ready whenever you are.

Weather resistant. Come rain or shine, no matter whether it is freezing cold or red hot, the durable vinyl, the robust outer material of the Swift Current V2s liner, can withstand almost any weather conditions. Canadian Spa hot tubs are known for their durability enduring the harsh winters of Canada or the roasting summers of Texas.

Depth. A 29 inch depth makes the Swift Current V2 one of the deepest portable spas on the market allowing you to better submerge the high tension areas such as your neck and shoulders.

Versatile. The Swift Current V2 is spacious so you are free to move about however you please, and the round shape allows you to sit in any position you choose without being restricted to a seat.

  • Portable foam wall assembly. Better insulation than inflatable spas. The spa can be carried through a standard door piece by piece with ease and assembled at your chosen location.
  • This Canadian Spa Company Plug & Play means that there is no additional electrical installation required to setup your spa.
  • The Swift Current V2's control system houses the pump and blower in a stylish compact unit and is conveniently located for ease of operation.
  • Suitable for all four seasons
  • Soft & Insulating Floor. Quick and easy set up. Ready to fill with water in just 15 minutes!


    • Includes thermal blanket, RCD protected cable, control unit and Microban filter cartridge, inflatable insulated 6 Inch lid with locking straps
    • Number of air jets: 125 
    • Power rated: 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp
    • Heater: 1910W
    • Massage pump: 500W (3 speeds)
    • Power cable length: 7m
    • Filter Pump: AC 12V / 60W (2300L / 600 gal / Hour)
    • Seating capacity: 5
    • Water capacity: 1000 Litres / 330 gal
    • Outer spa diameter: 184 cm / 73 Inches 
    • Inner spa diameter: 160 cm / 63 Inches
    • Depth without cover: 73 cm / 29 Inches
    • Depth with cover: 97cm / 39 Inches
    • Installation time: 15 minutes for 2 people
    • Uninstall time: 30 minutes for 2 people
    • 12 month warranty


    Had the Spa up and running now for at least 3 weeks, I have to say myself and my family are extremely pleased with it. The style and the quality of the product are first class, much better than all the Inflatable Spa's that are out there, I would recommend this Spa to anyone that is looking to invest in such a great family/garden product - well worth the money I paid for it.

    The product was purchased from the Homebase store in Nottingham which I collected myself, I've also attached a small video clip of the Spa in situ with my two daughters looking very happy :) – Shaun, Nottingham


    This spa is my first venture into this wonderful world. I did a lot of research in finding a spa that suited my needs. Water depth (a wonderful 29" deep), ample powerful jets, insulated not inflatable. 

    When my swift current was assembled & ready to use (easy & quick for 2 people) and I got in it for the first time it surpassed all of my needs / expectations & I love it. I am 5ft 11" tall and the water comes up over my shoulders.
    I've had it for over a month now and there hasn't been a day when I have not used it. I am definitely a convert to this luxury. It has also been a blessing with all of the extremely hot weather we have had recently.
    The motor is nice and quiet and since buying my spa I have purchased a hard top & some headrests for it. The hard top opens in the middle so when it's just me using it there is no need to remove the top all together, brilliant. It also reduces the already cheap daily running cost. 
    I would also recommend buying the deluxe chemical kit as I did as everything I have needed was in one handy plastic box. I definitely recommend the Swift Current & the Canadian Spa Co, as all of their staff are helpful and no request goes un answered or is too much trouble.


    I purchased my Canadian Spa Swift Current Hot Tub a few weeks ago. I ordered it online from Homebase and it was delivered a few days later. I have been using it every day since, it is very relaxing perfect to get in when getting home from work it really relaxes me, so much when I get out of the spa I am literally falling asleep. Alternatively when not at work I am enjoying using it first thing in the morning, makes a lovely relaxing start to the day. One of the best purchases I have made. Also when I have rang Canadian Spa for advice on chemicals etc the customer service is 5 star. Don't hesitate buy one you will be glad you did.

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