Canadian Spa Co. 5"/3" Tapered Grey Spa Cover

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Please select the correct size cover from the drop down list above.

Please note we are out of stock of 78" and 84" grey covers, if ordered now, we will place it on back order and send out when new stock arrives 

 Please note that if your existing cover measures between two of the measurements always go for the bigger option as it does not affect the insulation to overhang but if it is too small and sits on the skirting flaps the insulation will be compromised.

5"/3" Thick tapered cover for unparalleled heat retention, 5" Skirt length, Commercial quality zipper, 8 Locking straps for added protection, Tough mesh bottom with rugged reinforced stitching, Includes kerb side delivery

Description & Features

This replacement hot tub cover is made from the finest Marine Grade Vinyl with 6 re-enforced handles for added support and durability. The insulating foam inside the cover is vacuum sealed with a 6 mil. poly wrap Vapour Barrier to increase the longevity of the cover and retain the heat. An aluminium channel is fixed down the centre of the cover to provide extra strength and stability when opening the cover. Our cover includes a full length Steam Seal inside the fold along with a 5" skirt to trap any excess heat that would escape through the side of the cover and keeps it within the hot tub. The bottom of the cover is manufactured out of mildew inhibiting vinyl to prevent moisture deterioration and provides minimal water absorption. These covers are proudly manufactured in Canada and are designed to withstand the harsh winter months. 

  • 5"/3" Thick tapered cover for unparalleled heat retention
  • 4" Radius
  • 5" Skirt length
  • Commercial quality zipper
  • 2 mil. Vapour barrier
  • 8 Locking straps for added protection
  • Tough mesh bottom with rugged reinforced stitching
  • Insulation R value of 18.5
  • 6 Reinforced handles
  • Full length steam seal
  • Includes kerb side delivery in UK which additional charges applied at checkout for mainland Europe

    (excludes some highland and island locations please call for quote)








Our Covers will fit Spas such as:

Jacuzzi, Hydro Spa, Gulf Coast, Dimension One, Coleman, Caldera, Beachcomber, Artesian Spa, Artic Spa, Coast Spa, L.A. Spa, Marquis Spas, Saratoga Spas, Soft Tub, Southwest Spa,  Spaform, Sundance Spas, Vita Spas, Canspa, California Spa, Cal Spa,  Hydropool, Agean Spas, Clearwater spas, Diamante Spas, Elite Spas, PDC  Spas, Dynasty Spas, Monarch Spas,Tiger River Spas, Garden Leisure Spas,  Vita Spas, Sunbelt Spas, Phoenix Spas, Watkins, Hotspring Spas, Sunrise  Spas, Dream Maker Spas....

...and many more !!!



5 "  > 3 "Quality Ratio - 5" Core insulation thickness for top rating and 3 "taper for rainwater run off

Foam Thickness: 5" 1.5 LB foam / Type II (2) - Expanded Polystyrene Insulation: R 22.75 

Always look at the density or thickness of your cover before you purchase. 

 If you go for a flat 3" density cover this will give low insulation properties and you will get rainwater pooling on the surface.

Most suppliers will only offer up to a 4/3" Ratio - Why settle for less when ours are Canadian manufactured and are 5/3 Ratio which will offer superior insulation and subsequent energy savings.



Heat  Saving Seal Pillow - Reducing heat loss and Improving the efficiency of your spa

Heat has a great way of finding any route it can through your cover!

The most vulnerable part of your cover is along the fold and if this area is unprotected heat will escape along the length of the fold.

Our covers have a continuous heat seal pillow that runs the full length of the fold to fully insulate and keep running costs down.

Don't be fooled when you see end caps on the outer points of the fold, this is just for show!.. the pillow should run the full length of the fold to be efficient.



8 x Triple Strength Locking Straps - Built to maintain continued use

Our covers will come with both Male & Female part of the locking clip so you will be able to secure the locking straps to the relevant position on your hot tub

 All covers should have lockable Straps with Buckles for safety and storage


8   x Locking Buckles - For complete safety and storage

If you see any covers offered without lockable straps please do not purchase as they will not comply with health and safety!

Some manufactures offer locking straps as extras .. this will bump up the final price you pay.


6 x Sturdy, Reinforced Handles - Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stitched seams for the sturdiest of handles end and side

The positioning and the amount of handles will greatly enhance the operating experience of your cover.

Our handles are positioned so at any one time you will be able to access and grip two handles to ensure ease of cover operation

Some manufactures offer handles as extras .. this will bump up the final price you pay.


Insulating Polystyrene Core - Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties  

6 mil Poly Wrap Vapour Moisture Barrier - The Plastic wrap prevents moisture from reaching the foam core

Our 5/3" ratio foam core's tapered design gives optimum heating and insulation whilst the taper keeps rainwater off the spa cover

The insulating foam inside the cover is vacuum sealed with a 6 mil. poly wrap Vapour Barrier to increase the longevity of the cover and retain the heat

The Vapour/Moisture Barrier will prevent water ingress from above elements and water vapour from below. This will stop your cover getting waterlogged and heavy.


Marine Grade Vinyl - Tough and resilient, 100% polyester backing, mildew Treated face and back

Tough Bottom - To Ensure the durability of the cover

The bottom of the cover is manufactured out of mildew inhibiting vinyl to prevent moisture deterioration and provides minimal water absorption


Durable Reinforced Hinge - The aluminium channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability

An aluminium channel is fixed down the centre of the cover to provide extra strength and stability when opening the cover

The material we use avoid any possible rusting and strengthens the centre of your cover

 Commercial Quality Zipper - Heavy-duty 45 nylon zip chain and aluminium pulls

Tough and durable zips to ensure the integrity of the inner core

We only use commercial quality materials that wont weather or rust


Insulating / Protective Skirt

Our covers come with a 5" skirt to further enhance the insulation qualities and provides protection against the elements


Rugged Reinforced Double Stitching - Adds durability

Our covers are built to last and the stitching is 92lb bonded polyester thread with UV protection

Ensuring  the exterior holds together through all weather conditions or physical stress 

Easy Care  
A little soap and water does it

Guarantees the product performance warranty for (2)  two years from date of purchase on Both materials and workmanship

Two different colours to choose from. Brown and  Grey







Featuring 5  > 3 "ratio quality - 5" core thickness for top insulation properties, tapering to 3 "to allow rainwater run off

With the highest energy efficiency, maximum strength, load rating, and moisture resistance, plus exceptional longevity, our replacement covers are the finest you can buy spa cover.

 It's designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions, warm or cold, rainy, snowy, or dry. 

Over its lifetime, the energy savings could add up to double the cost of the cover, depending on your electricity rate. 

If you want a first-rate hot tub cover at a great price, Canadian Spa Company is your best choice. 



Questions & Answers

Q. How long is the warranty for this cover? 

 A. Our covers are protected by a 24 month warranty. Please contact us for any warranty issues (01293 824 094) 


Q. Is a 8" radius corner available? 

 A. All of our covers have a 4" radius corner which will result in a small over hand on an 8" radius spa. This will still be compatible and will not affect the insulation of your cover


 Q. Our hot tub is 86" square, a 2 1/2" high lip and then a flair of 2" out of wood surround 2 1/2 " high. Will your 5" skirt cover this total area? 

A. Based off the measurements you have provided, one of our 90" x 90" covers would be compatible with your spa. This would ensure that the skirt completely covers the outside lip of your spa and  doesn't compromise the insulations. This larger cover may overhang slightly but that doesn't affect the insulation properties of the cover. Any questions please give us a call (01293 824 094). 


Q. Do you have a cover that works for a 12" radius? 

A. All of our covers have a 4" radius corner which will result in a small over hand in the corners on an 12" radius spa. This will still be compatible and will not affect the insulation of your cover. 


Q. I have a cover 93x90 would a 94x94 fit? 

 A. A 94" x 94" cover would fit over a 93" x 90" cover but there will be approximatley 2" of overlap on one side and 1/2" of overlap on the other side. This will not affect the insulation value of the cover as the 5" skirt will help seal in the heat.


Q. Can the cover be used with an existing support (lifter) with screw? 

A. All our covers are 100% compatible with standard cover lifters. 


Q. Since my cover is 93 x 90 should I choose a new cover 93x93? 

 A. A 94" x 94" cover may not fit your spa exactly, but the extra overhang won't cause heat loss problems. If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us directly on 01293 824 094. 


Q. My hot tub measures 88.5 x 88.5; this is from outer most edges on the side of tub. Would the 90 x 90 work? 

A. What is the measurement of your previous cover and how well did it fit? If your previous cover fit fine I would recommend that you order a cover that is close to is size. Otherwise a 90" x 90" would work but there will be a slight overhand on the sides ( approx 0.75") Feel free to give us a call on 01293 824 094 is you have any additional questions.  


Q. What are the R rating differences? 


A. The maximum R Value obtainable for a Hot Tub Cover that is made with Expanded Polystyrene Insulation that is approved for sale in Canada is as follows: 


Foam Thickness: 1" 1.5 LB foam / Type II (2) - Expanded Polystyrene Insulation: R 4.55 


Foam Thickness: 2" 1.5 LB foam / Type II (2) - Expanded Polystyrene Insulation: R 9.1 


Foam Thickness: 3" 1.5 LB foam / Type II (2) - Expanded Polystyrene Insulation: R 13.65 



Received the product in less time than was estimated. It was easy to unpack and install. Although it does not meet the exact measurements of the hot tub, it creates a good seal around the edge. You can feel the suction resistance when opening it. Appreciate the tapered designed. That is important for Canadian winter use. Impressed by the lightness of the product and yet the strength it apparently has. The price was great compared to other estimates given for similar products. So far we are impressed with this product and appreciate that it is Canadian made with Canadian weather conditions taken into consideration.


Excellent quality cover and service. I called the company directly to ensure I was ordering the correct size and they were very kind and helpful! The cover was shipped to my door (free of charge) in less than three days. The tub is sealed perfectly, no more steam billowing out the edges! I highly recommend this cover. Don't hesitate to buy it!!!

We have been looking 4 a hot tub cover but are on limited income due to being retired therefor have not been able to get one. Last week we found a cover from a Canadian company in our price range so we ordered it. We were thrilled it was delivered to our home in 2 days. It is very well made with safety features we never dreamed existed. Once again we are delighted to find such a well made product at a reasonable price. We can now enjoy our old hot with peace of mind that the cover will be useable as long as the tub & it will be safe from accidents from small children THANK YOU Canadian Spa Company

Bought two of these lids to replace the old, ripped, cracked and full of water ones I have at home and cabin. Shopped around and didn't find anything within £30 of these. All other more expensive lids were 4" thick maximum. These are thick, lightweight (for now) and great quality. Can't go wrong IMO.

Needed a new cover and looked everywhere, by far the cheapest around, and a good R value.. ordered one 94x94 to match the existing one, but was too big because of the smaller radius. Returned to Canadian spa and ordered a 92x92 and is a perfect fit. Seems to be a great bargain. First lid took 8 days to come and the second lid only took 3... The free shipping was Awesome!!!

I'm very happy with this purchase.  It's not a perfect fit for my specific tub but the price can't be beat.  The corners are rounded but with a rather small rarius.  I understand this to make sure it will fit all tubs but mine hangs over a bit. All in all, a great product. I will buy it again and suggest it to everyone.

I received my new cover within 2 days and the delivery was flawless. The new cover is well made and much better than my old one. The quality is fantastic and it is SO LIGHT. I can't believe how much lighter this is, compared to my old cover. So far so good. I would definitely buy another, when the time comes.


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