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custom cover specifications


Custom Made-to-Measure Spa Cover Specifications and Features

Marine Grade Vinyl - Tough and resilient, 100% polyester backing, 
mildew treated face and back 

Thicker tapered cover - Slopes left and right from the centre, allowing for good rain run-off from approx 125mm to 75mm (5 to 3 inch)

Tough Bottom -To ensure the durability of the cover

Commercial Quality Zipper -
 Heavy-duty 45 nylon zipper chain and 
aluminium pulls 

8 x Locking Buckles - For complete safety and storage 

Heat-Saving Seals- Reducing heat loss and improving the efficiency of your spa

4 x Sturdy, Reinforced Handles - Triple folded reinforced vinyl backed up with double-stitched seams for the sturdiest of handles end and side 


4 x Triple Strength Locking Straps – Built to maintain continued use  

Insulating Polystyrene Core - Our expanded polystyrene has top-rated insulation properties  and the foam core’s tapered design keeps rainwater off the spa cover 

Durable Reinforced Hinge -
 The aluminium channel reinforcement at the cover hinge adds strength and durability

6 mil Double Moisture Barrier - The 5 mil thick tri-extruded plastic wrap prevents moisture from reaching the foam core 

RuggedReinforced Stitching - Adds durability 

Easy Care -
 A little soap and water does it 

Warranty - Our warranty guarantees product performance for two years from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship

Colours -
 Two different colours to choose from. Grey and Brown

Spa Cover Density and Comparism Chart

Economy cover example - You wont get this one!


models are lightweight and budget-priced. Covers have lighter foam core density and are best suited for indoor spas, or mild, dry climates. Features 4">2.5" taper

Standard cover example - You wont get this one!


Value-priced standard models are suitable for mild to moderate climates, and should meet or exceed ASTM standards. Features 4">2.5" taper

Premium cover example - You wont get this one!

The high density of these models provide extra resistance to moisture absorption in rainy areas, plus a very good load rating for snowy climates. Its increased strength is also a good factor if you have small children (or large pets!) The higher R-value means this cover will reduce energy consumption anywhere. Better than 99% of the covers that come with new spas. Features 4">2.5"

Ultra cover example - You wont get this one!

These models are extra-thick, super energy efficient, very moisture resistant, and designed to handle moderate loads and trap heat in very cold weather. You'll save money and energy in any climate, so this hot tub cover could easily pay for itself (and then some!) over it's life span. Features 5">3" taper

EMax Quality - This is the cover you will get...


With the highest energy efficiency, maximum strength, load rating, and moisture resistance, plus exceptional longevity, our covers are the finest replacement spa cover you can buy. It's designed to stand up to extreme weather conditions, warm or cold, rainy, snowy, or dry. You'll save a bundle on spa heating costs in any climate. Over its lifetime, the energy savings could add up to double the cost of an the cover, depending on your electricity rate. If you want a first-rate hot tub cover at a great price,  Canadian Spa is your best choice. Features 5">3" taper