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Glacier Antimicrobial Filter - 50 sq.ft. Single

Glacier Antimicrobial Filter - 50 sq.ft. Single


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1x50ft² Antimicrobial filter
This is a single 50ft² Antimicrobial filter. If your spa requires 1x 50ft² filter, this will work for you. If your spa requires 2x 50ft² filters, or you would like to purchase multiple of these filters while saving money, consider our Glacier Filter Set, containing two 50ft² filters and two pre-filter screens.

The spa filters should be replaced every 4-6 months as per the manufacturer's recommended replacement schedule, or when showing signs of wear.



  • Antimicrobial fights and inhibits bacteria growth in your hot tub
  • Silver Ion infused plastic does not allow for bacteria build up in or around filter
  • Fine mesh pre-filter acts as first defence against spa water contaminants
  • Less frequent filter replacement schedule
  • Cleaner water overall
  • Easy to clean pleats & pre-filter


Only the best in filtration media, Canadian Spa Company Glacier Filters keep your spa water and tub equipment pristine.

These filters are infused with antimicrobial protection to inhibit the growth of bacteria upon the cartridge and extend the filter's life span. An additional silver-ion is imbued in the fabric and plastic of the filter, which acts as a natural disinfectant against micro-organisms and harmful bacteria. Spend less time cleaning your filters and more time enjoying your spa!
The Glacier Antimicrobial 100 SQ FT Filter Set comes with two 50ft² Glacier Antimicrobial filters as well as two Glacier Pre-Filter Screens. This set fits into the updated & exclusive Canadian Spa Company Mountain Pure filtration system. Twice the purification power of traditional filtration systems!

NOTE: We recommend that you keep two sets of filters at all times. Pop in a new set of filters while you soak and clean your original filter set overnight. The next time you need to change your new filters, use the original ones you have recently cleaned. Purchase new filters when the filter begins to become discoloured or worn down.

Place 1 pre-filter on top of the two threaded Glacier Filters to capture fine debris and contaminants before they have a chance to get into your filtration system.

    Silver Ion

    Silver Ion is infused into the grey plastic of the antimicrobial filter. The Silver ions are able to disinfect water so that micro-organisms such as harmful bacteria cannot cause disease. Silver ions act in similar ways to chlorine, but do not have the chlorine odour and are not chemical based. This means they do not usually bother people with sensitive skin the way chlorine does. While chlorine eventually fades away, silver ions remain active as long as they are present in the water.

    Silver has been used throughout history as an antimicrobial agent. The ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians and Chinese recognized silver for its antimicrobial properties and preferred to use it over other metals for food and water storage, utensils, and drinking vessels for this reason. The same antimicrobial properties are present in the Silver Ions offered in these filters.

    Our new filters are made with Antimicrobial antimicrobial protection the most advanced media available to inhibit the growth of bacteria, mould and fungi that can cause fouling of the filter cartridge.
    With the Microban brand, you know you’re getting continuous, durable, and effective, antimicrobial protection that provides an added level of defence against damaging bacteria for the useful lifetime of your spa filter.
    The antimicrobial silver technologies include a new line of third generation silver-based technologies which are more efficient, cost effective and will help keep your products cleaner and fresher for longer. Using silver as an antimicrobial agent can protect products from deterioration and will help prevent the growth of stain and odour causing bacteria.

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