Portable Control Unit REFURBISHED

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REFURBISHED ex-demo unit with 6 months warranty.

The Portable Spa Control Unit is an all in one unit with built in portable spa pump, dedicated heater and RCD. This Control Unit is unlike any other! It hosts 3 connection ports, a digital display heater and temperature control (ranges from 80 - 103 °F), and 15 sq ft filter housing. Its unique built in filter housing means you have more space to enjoy in your spa, while its low wattage pump paired with an air blower ensures an energy efficient portable spa with a high quality hot tub experience! The included cord that plugs directly into your standard house hold outlet allows you flexibility while choosing an outdoor location for your portable spa. 

This powerful control unit is compatible with the following portable spas: Grand Rapids, Rio Grande, Swift Current, Muskoka, Avenli Portable Spas, Pinnacle Portable Spas, Radiant Portable Spas, Blue Wave Portable Spas.

  • 3 connection ports
  • 15 sq ft filter housing
  • Digital display heater and temperature control