Rio Grande V2 Foam Wall Portable Spa

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The difference is that the Rio Grande V2 is 165cm diameter wide vs 184cm on the swift current V2, what this means in real terms is that the Rio Grande would be best suited for 2 - 4 people say 2 adults 2 kids vs the Swift Current would be best suited for use with 4 - 6 people e.g. 4 adults 2 kids.

Product Description

The Rio Grande 2 Foam Wall Portable Spa is a unique design that allows the spa to be placed virtually anywhere. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes by almost anyone.

Assemble in 15 minutes

The new ‘easy to assemble’ portable spa which comes in 2 boxes. This can be loaded as 2 piece or for ease of transport smaller modular pieces. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes – so now consumers can enjoy what was once an occasional luxury, every day of the year.

Truly portable

A unique design allows the spa to be placed virtually anywhere making the Rio Grande 2 Foam Wall Portable Spa an ideal addition to a home, holiday or party.

Plugs into a normal 13 Amp socket

A Canadian Spa Company ‘Plug & Play’ hot tub means that there is no additional electrical installation required to setup your spa.

Simple to operate

The Rio Grande 2’s control system houses the pump and blower in a stylish compact unit and is conveniently located for ease of operation. The spa controls allow you adjust temperature and operate the massage function as well as filtration.

1 year manufacturers warranty

The Rio Grande 2 is one of the best quality portable spas available on the market and The Canadian Spa Company provides a 1 year ‘no quibble’ warranty on their Rio Grande 2 hot tub.

  • 29-inch Depth (deeper than all other portable spas in the industry)
  • Upgraded Microban filters that feature embedded antimicrobial protection
  • We carry inflatable units for better portability and foam insulated units for colder climates
  • 3-Speed massage pump (upgraded from a 1-Speed)
  • A heavy duty 7m cord with right angle plug – inline RCD. This helps to eliminate the need for an extension cord (Most cords are 3m or less)
  • Built-in aromatherapy unit that works with the same aromatherapy cartridges as our Acrylic Spas (no other portable spa in the industry accommodates this need)
  • Upgraded daily purge system with enhanced menu options
  • Reinforced top rail for increased durability
  • A new “Sure-Fit” pipe-system ensures a 15min tool-less installation
  • Updated box with a free aromatherapy kit included


 I would like to say how pleased I am with my Rio Grande V2 portable spa, I have been using it now for just over 2 weeks and I am delighted with the health benefits I fell from using it daily. I would highly recommend this hot tub to anyone and I would also like to say a big thank you to one of your customer service staff named Ali green who was outstanding with any question or issue I had from day one of purchase. 5 stars all round.

We bought this hot tub after much looking around at what was available. After placing the order we were amazed that it arrived within 2 days (the invoice said it would be within 7 working days, but we never expected 2). Spent Saturday installing it, but when we turned it on, water was leaking from the back. Drained it and checked the connections,all ok. filled it again, still leaking. Emailed Canadian Spa for advice late Saturday night, had a reply waiting for me Sunday morning. Sent evidence, and no quible - a replacement liner was received a few days later. The new hot tub now looks great, works great (specially with this hot weather), everything we could want. Thanks to the customer support team for sorting things out so promptly. Great service.


We bought the Rio Grande hot tub about a month ago and can honestly say it’s amazed us how good it is. It was ordered on the B&Q website and was delivered within 48 hours. It took around 45 minutes to set up and around 18 hours to heat. The running cost has surprised us as it is so economical. I would say it costs about 70p per day (@ 13p per kw). It is used everyday. We did buy the hard top cover which does make a big difference to the running cost. As for Canadian Spa customer service staff, they are excellent. Any query we’ve had has been answered straightaway and they are so friendly and helpful. The great thing about this particular design of hot tub is that it is designed for all year round use in below 0 temperatures.

We have always wanted a hot tub, but didn't want an inflatable, and didn't really have the space or the money for one of the fixed / permanent "swishy" tubs. Then I saw these rigid foam ones from Canadian Spa in B&Q and thought...... oohhh....perhaps we can have a nice tub without costing the earth..... ? And we did.... how pleased are we with our choice :0)

Ordering with B&Q was very quick and painless, and far cheaper than buying direct from Canadian Spa, especially if you know of anyone with the Diamond discount card. The Spa was delivered within 48 hours.... ( I hadn't even finished my base !!! lol ) superfast service, efficient as everything was with my dealings with Canadian Spa customer care.

Assembling the spa, defiantly takes two people, and a lot longer than fifteen minutes, but we were taking our time to make sure we did everything as per instruction.... although to be fair I don't think the booklet is very comprehensive, but there are u tube videos which were very helpful, and also Canadian Spa, customer support say they are also in the process of sorting an instructional video, which I think will be great, especially for people who have had no previous hot tub experience.

After assembled the spa looks brill, and is really sturdy, and having the extra height of the water makes a real difference. We have put rubber jigsaw mats under the spa which make a tremendous difference in comfort when sitting in the spa, if you don't buy any other seating and will help with economy and retaining the heat in the winter.

We had a few teething problems, but all sorted immediately by Canadian Spa, cannot fault there customer care and knowledge. It takes a little while to get used to your spa, and getting the chemical balance right, but again the customer care was always there if you needed it, and there is a more comprehensive guide to chemical / balance and problems / solutions on there website, than in the instruction manual if you get stuck.

We also purchased the hardtop as we want to use it all round and the savings on economy are worth it in the long run, and it looks great :0) .....also purchased the deluxe chemical kit, which has everything in it, and although looks expensive because of the small amounts of the chemicals used is gonna last ages.

I know these spas are more expensive than the inflatable spa's but you do get what you pay for, we are so pleased with ours, and don't regret our purchase... we have now been using the spa for 2 months... I am in it most days or evenings, I find it helps with all my aches and pains, is so relaxing and great fun.... ..

What more can I say, if you've always wanted one.... Go For it.......

In the past I’ve had competitor products that were quite a bit cheaper and I did enjoy them. The problem was they got damaged relatively easily so I decided to try the Canadian spa version because it’s made form solid pieces.

I have been impressed, the tub is deeper and much more solid. It feels like a permanent hot tub. The tub also heats up faster than other products and with the solid lid it is holding the heat really well. I run the tub 24x7 and the running cost is around the 50p per day rates which means it’s always ready to go.

I bought this product from the worthing store ex display. These display models have ancillary equipment removed. I contacted Canadian spa direct from the store. They replaced all these items from stock and they arrived at my house the next day. They are focused on customer satisfaction. The hot tub is smart and does the job it was purchased for.

We bought this hot tub after a lot of deliberation and talking to friends who already have one and discussion and advice from a Canadian Spa representative. He gave good advice without any pressure. We went into B & Q and saw the Rio Grande foam wall on display. It looked just right for us to use on the deck of our lodge. Not too large but big enough to seat four people comfortably. It was such a good price too. ( Especially with my over 60 discount! ) We set it up and it is such a lovely experience. Took away my aches and pains and I had the best nights sleep for years. It is so relaxing. I must admit we had a small problem with the inflatable lid but it was dealt with immediately. So excellent after sales service too. Can’t praise the staff in B & Q nor the Canadian Spa representatives enough. Thank you

I purchased this spa 4 weeks ago ! So glad I did I've had other portable spas but the Canadian spa is far more superior. For added luxury I also purchased the hard top cover PERFECT 10 !!!!

I received my new Canadian Spa a few weeks ago, this is my first purchase of any kind of spa. I'm a newby to owning a personal Spa & I have to say I'm never going to be without again. I have used it at least twice everyday since it's arrival & I have found It to be everything & more than I thought it would be after extensive research that I did. Water depth is critical I believe & these are 29" deep of wonderful warm water and a three speed jet system that I cannot fault. I am nearly 6ft tall and it covers my shoulders. Also, 'seems' to be helping with my back & sleep too.

I had contact with the "Canadian Spa Co" directory re delivery and a couple of queries I had and all of the staff I spoke to were extremely helpful & professional and answered all of my queries. It's a pity that all companies don't treat their customers like I've I have been treated. 5* stars for the spa itself & the after-service.

I would suggest that if you decide to buy one that you also buy their delux chemical kit as it contains everything you'll need for a long time to come.

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