Swift Current 2 Foam Wall Portable Spa

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Product Description

The Swift Current 2 Foam Wall Portable Spa is a unique design that allows the spa to be placed virtually anywhere. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes by almost anyone.

Assemble in 15 minutes

The new ‘easy to assemble’ portable spa which comes in 2 boxes. This can be loaded as 2 piece or for ease of transport smaller modular pieces. Assembly requires no tools and can be completed in just 15 minutes – so now consumers can enjoy what was once an occasional luxury, every day of the year.

Truly portable

A unique design allows the spa to be placed virtually anywhere making the Swift Current 2 Foam Wall Portable Spa an ideal addition to a home, holiday or party.

Plugs into a normal 13 Amp socket

A Canadian Spa Company ‘Plug & Play’ hot tub means that there is no additional electrical installation required to setup your spa.

Simple to operate

The Swift Current 2’s control system houses the pump and blower in a stylish compact unit and is conveniently located for ease of operation. The spa controls allow you adjust temperature and operate the massage function as well as filtration.

1 year manufacturers warranty

The Swift Current 2 is one of the best quality portable spas available on the market and The Canadian Spa Company provides a 1 year ‘no quibble’ warranty on their Swift Current 2 hot tub.

  • 29-inch Depth (deeper than all other portable spas in the industry)
  • Upgraded Microban filters that feature embedded antimicrobial protection
  • We carry inflatable units for better portability and foam insulated units for colder climates
  • 3-Speed massage pump (upgraded from a 1-Speed)
  • A heavy duty 7m cord with right angle plug – inline RCD. This helps to eliminate the need for an extension cord (Most cords are 3m or less)
  • Built-in aromatherapy unit that works with the same aromatherapy cartridges as our Acrylic Spas (no other portable spa in the industry accommodates this need)
  • Upgraded daily purge system with enhanced menu options
  • Reinforced top rail for increased durability
  • A new “Sure-Fit” pipe-system ensures a 15min tool-less installation
  • Updated box with a free aromatherapy kit included


  • Includes thermal blanket, RCD protected cable, control unit and Microban filter cartridge, inflatable insulated 6 Inch lid with locking straps
  • Number of air jets: 88 
  • Power rated: 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp
  • Heater: 1910W
  • Massage pump: 500W (3 speeds)
  • Power cable length: 7m
  • Filter Pump: AC 12V / 60W (2300L / 600 gal / Hour)
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Water capacity: 1000 Litres / 330 gal
  • Outer spa diameter: 184 cm / 73 Inches 
  • Inner spa diameter: 160 cm / 63 Inches
  • Depth without cover: 73 cm / 29 Inches
  • Depth with cover: 97cm / 39 Inches
  • Installation time: 15 minutes for 2 people
  • Uninstall time: 30 minutes for 2 people



This spa is my first venture into this wonderful world. I did a lot of research in finding a spa that suited my needs. Water depth (a wonderful 29" deep), ample powerful jets, insulated not inflatable. 

When my swift current was assembled & ready to use (easy & quick for 2 people) and I got in it for the first time it surpassed all of my needs / expectations & I love it. I am 5ft 11" tall and the water comes up over my shoulders.
I've had it for over a month now and there hasn't been a day when I have not used it. I am definitely a convert to this luxury. It has also been a blessing with all of the extremely hot weather we have had recently.
The motor is nice and quiet and since buying my spa I have purchased a hard top & some headrests for it. The hard top opens in the middle so when it's just me using it there is no need to remove the top all together, brilliant. It also reduces the already cheap daily running cost. 
I would also recommend buying the deluxe chemical kit as I did as everything I have needed was in one handy plastic box. I definitely recommend the Swift Current & the Canadian Spa Co, as all of their staff are helpful and no request goes un answered or is too much trouble.