Swift Current Foam Wall Portable Spa (Version 1)

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This Canadian Spa Swift Current, 5 person portable spa, is a deep spa so that you can totally submerge your shoulders and neck for a full massage. This spa also comes with a tough and durable laminated vinyl liner, as well as a 6 Inch inflatable cover that is tapered and lockable for insulation and security. This portable spa can be easily assembled and put anywhere, whether it be in the garden, on your balcony, boat, and almost anywhere you can imagine. The Swift Current Spa is built like a full spa at over 28 Inches deep, with a 5 inch foam wall, and 88 air jets. It has an integrated filter so all of the equipment is located in one place, no clumsy filters inside the spa. For easy spa set up, and portability, this Swift Current Spa is perfect.


  • Includes thermal blanket, RCD protected cable, control unit and filter cartridge, inflatable insulated 6 Inch lid with locking straps
  • Number of air jets: 88
  • Power rated: 220-240V, 50Hz 13 Amp
  • Heater: 1910W
  • Massage pump: 500W
  • Power cable length: 4.5m / 15 feet
  • Filter Pump: AC 12V / 60W (2300L / 600 gal / Hour)
  • Seating capacity: 5
  • Water capacity: 1000 Litres / 330 gal
  • Outer spa diameter: 184 cm / 73 Inches 
  • Inner spa diameter: 160 cm / 63 Inches
  • Depth without cover: 73 cm / 29 Inches
  • Depth with cover: 97cm / 39 Inches
  • Installation time: 15 minutes for 2 people
  • Uninstall time: 30 minutes for 2 people



  • Swift Current Spa
  • Portable Control Unit
  • 2 Filters