Care tips and advice on using the hot tub audio system

Each one of our hot tub models comes equipped with an audio system for you to enjoy your favourite songs while you relax in the spa. These waterproof pop-up speakers are a great addition to anyone’s spa experience, and are very simple to operate. Almost everyone today has some sort of electronic media player, but with the many different models and styles available, sometimes connecting to them causes some problem. 

With a Canadian Spa Hot Tub, you don’t need to worry about which model you have (iPod, mobile phone or tablet) as long as you can connect a pair of standard headphones (3.5mm) to your device it will work! Simply locate the audio system enclosure (see picture above), plug in your device, and hit the play button! 

Like every other piece of electronic equipment, proper care and usage of the audio system will ensure that you receive the best experience from it during its lifetime. Here are a few things to consider.

  • The speakers will rotate approximately 360° in one direction only, applying further force may damage the structure of the speaker
  • By constantly pressing down the speakers and popping them up will damage the spring inside, and may result in them losing their ability to pop back up
  • Be sure to place the audio system cap (attached to the input plug) back on the end of the plug after use, this will prevent any unnecessary noise from occurring (if you are missing this cap, send us an email and we would be happy to send you one)
  • When using the audio system, make sure that your device is completely inside the plastic enclosure as any splashed water may damage your device

These speakers come standard on all of our new spa models to provide you with the best spa experience available. Most companies use speakers as an additional feature, but at the Canadian Spa Company we believe that you deserve the best deal available.

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