Mr Hewitt

 I have had my Toronto now for a couple of weeks and am thoroughly enjoying it! Although I have used friends Spa’s in the past this is the first one of my own and what a great experience! Of course the tub is great and certainly lives up to my expectations; the quality is plain to see. However, more than this has been the fantastic support and after-sales service that I have received from the folk at Canadian Spa Company (CSC). As a first time owner there have been quite a few questions that I have had regarding care and use of the Spa, each time that I have phoned the folk at CSC (and I have spoken to 3 different people so it isn’t just that I got lucky with one particularly good fellow!) I have received excellent service, the advice and helpfulness is friendly, they give you as much time as you need and their obvious expertise assures you in every way. I have rarely (if ever) received such excellent service in this country – well done Canadian Spa Company! There are no downsides to this company, their service or their products – I whole heartedly recommend them.