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5"/3" Thick Tapered Spa Covers - Round 78" to 80"

5"/3" Thick Tapered Spa Covers - Round 78" to 80"


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This replacement hot tub cover is made from the finest Marine Grade Vinyl with 6 reinforced handles for added support and durability. The insulating foam inside the cover is vacuum sealed with a 6mm poly wrap Vapour Barrier to increase the longevity of the cover and retain heat. An aluminium channel is fixed down the centre of the cover to provide extra strength and stability when opening the cover.

Our cover includes a full length Steam Seal inside the fold along with a 5" skirt to trap any excess heat that would escape through the side of the cover and keeps it within the hot tub. The bottom of the cover is manufactured out of mildew inhibiting vinyl to prevent moisture deterioration and provides minimal water absorption. These covers are designed to withstand harsh winter months.

Our covers are not limited to Canadian Spas - they work perfectly well with other popular spa brands, including Jacuzzi, Clearwater Spas, Hotspring Spas, Agean Spas, Arctic Spas, and many more!

Always consider the density or thickness before purchasing a cover - a flat 3" cover will provide poor insulation and allow rainwater to pool on the surface. Our 5" thick covers with a 3" taper are the perfect way to protect your spa and keep it cost-efficient.

If your existing cover measures between two of our cover options, select the larger size. An overhang will not impact the insulation - a cover that is too small will not sit correctly and will allow heat to escape.

Features Overview
  • 5" thick core insulation
  • 3" taper to prevent rainwater pooling
  • 5" skirt length
  • Commercial quality zipper
  • 6mm vapour barrier
  • 8 locking straps
  • Tough mesh bottom with rugged reinforced stitching
  • 6 reinforced handles
  • Full length steam seal
  • Includes kerb side delivery in UK

    Excludes some highland and island locations. Please call for quote.

  • 5"/3" Quality Ratio: 5" Core insulation thickness for top rating and 3 "taper for rainwater run off
  • Foam Thickness: 5" 1.5 LB foam / Type II (2) - Expanded Polystyrene
  • Insulation: R 18.5
  • Colour: Brown or Grey

Locking Straps

Our spa covers come standard with 8 locking straps to prevent unauthorised access to your spa. We provide both male and female parts of the locking clip, so that the cover can be secured to the relevant position on your spa.

Covers without locking straps have the potential to be unsafe and cause injury. Always lock your cover when the spa is not in use.

Easy Care

The cover only requires a light wash with soap and water annually - or when dirty. Brush off snow, ice, and leaves to prevent damage to the foam core.

Reinforced Handles

The 6 study handles are made from top-quality triple-folded reinforced vinyl, backed with double-stitched seams.

These handles are strategically positioned so that two handles may be held at any one time, ensuring hassle-free use. Our covers are fully compatible with standard cover lifters.

Tough Cover Bottom

The bottom of the cover is manufactured out of marine grade mildew-inhibiting vinyl to prevent moisture deterioration. This tough and resilient material has minimal water absorption.

Heat Seal Pillow

Our covers feature a heat seal pillow to prevent heat from escaping from the most vulnerable area of your cover - the fold. Heat seal pillows must be full-length to keep your spa insulated effectively. Our full-length pillow quickly cuts down on heat loss.

Polystyrene Core

The 5" thick polystyrene core provides your spa with optimal insulation, while the 3" taper keeps rainwater from collecting.

The insulating foam is vacuum sealed with a 6mm poly wrap Vapour Barrier, which prevents moisture from reaching the foam core. This helps the cover to avoid becoming waterlogged, increasing its longevity.

Commercial Quality Zipper

The heavy-duty 45 nylon zip chain and aluminium pull tabs are tough and durable to ensure the integrity of the inner core. We use commercial quality materials to prevent weathering and rusting.

Insulating / Protective Skirt

Our covers come with a 5" skirt to further enhance the insulation qualities and provides protection against the elements

Double Stitching

Our covers are built to last - double stitched with 92lb bonded polyester thread with UV protection. This rugged, reinforced stitching ensures the cover exterior holds together through all weather conditions or physical stress.

Durable Reinforced Hinge

An aluminium channel is fixed down the centre of the cover to provide extra strength and stability when opening the cover, lengthening your cover's life.

Our covers are available in two colours to match your spa - Brown and Grey.

Guarantees the product performance warranty for (2) two years from date of purchase on both materials and workmanship.

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