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Chilliwack 2 Person Mica Far Infrared Sauna

Chilliwack 2 Person Mica Far Infrared Sauna


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Digital Controls


Canadian Hemlock


Far Infrared

LED Lighting


Indulge in a Personal Wellness Sanctuary

Revel in the extensive health advantages of infrared sauna therapy within the confines of your residence, courtesy of the Canadian Spa Company’s 2-person Chilliwack Far Infrared Sauna.

Blending simplicity with innovation, this sauna offers an intuitive digital control system to fine-tune your experience. Elevate your sessions with the built-in Bluetooth Audio System for your favorite tunes and podcasts. The LED Chromotherapy Lighting is tailored to uplift your mood and augment your sauna journey, while the aromatherapy system fills the air with aromatic scents, enhancing relaxation.

Powering your wellness sessions, the six Far Infrared Mica Heaters are designed for optimal heat distribution - rapid, uniform, and efficient. This ensures you reap the utmost benefits of a holistic sauna session, all the while keeping energy consumption economical.

Crafted from authentic Canadian hemlock wood, the sauna exudes a serene, earthy ambiance, making it a harmonious addition to any interior. Its dual-wall construction affirms excellent insulation, ensuring heat retention. Furthermore, Canadian Spa Company's commitment to safety and wellness is evident, as all their saunas not only surpass requisite safety standards but also prioritize maintaining impressively low EMF levels.




  • User-friendly control system boasts advanced features such as a timer, ‘pre-heat’ and ‘auto-start’ options.
  • Features the latest technology with 6 Mica FAR infrared heaters that last 3000 to 5000 hours each.
  • Constructed of an attractive and durable Canadian Hemlock wood, and designed with a locking clasp system that allows for a quick and easy assembly
  • Built in Bluetooth audio system, LED chromotherapy lighting, and aromatherapy system ensure that you will have the relaxation experience that you are looking for.
  • Tempered safety glass doors and windows add a modern look and allow a clear view of your outside surroundings
  • Exceeds industry safety expectations with average EMF levels of 1.3mG (42 times lower than competing saunas!)
  • The operating temperature can be set between 19°C-60°C (67°F-140°F)
  • Plugs into a standard dedicated socket
  • 1 year limited warranty, heater/cabinetry


Seat Count 2 adults
Far Infrared Carbon Heater Panels 6
Size 100 x 95 x 190cm (39" x 37" x 75")
Weight 123 kg (270 lbs)
Electrical 230V / 13A
Total Wattage 1385W
Warranty 1 year
Packaged Size 102 x 97 x 191 cm (40" x 98" x 75")
Packaged Weight 125 kg (275 lbs)



We purchased this sauna instead of other slightly cheaper saunas due to its higher temperature and lower advertised EMR. I don't know if high levels of EMR are an actual problem or not, but for those who want to be particularly cautious, this sauna is an excellent choice. I measure 0.5mG in the centre of the sauna, about the same as in front of my computer.

The sauna was easy to assemble with no tools. The manual we received was for an older version of the sauna, but we applied critical thinking and were able to figure things out.

The included Bluetooth audio system is pretty cool. It's housed in a chassis about the size of a Raspberry Pi case. It worked perfectly the first try with my Galaxy S5 Android phone. Audio quality is a little light on the bass but otherwise sounds good.

The included chromotherapy light is interesting. It mounts nicely on the sauna's ceiling and is not connected to the sauna's electrical system at all.

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