Differences between infrared and steam saunas

Along with our hot tubs, we also carry a range of infrared saunas that are a great addition to any workout room or basement. These saunas come boxed for a simple customer installation and require very little effort to setup compared to a steam sauna. Outlined below is a table comparing some of the benefits of a Canadian Spa Company infrared sauna to a typical steam sauna.

  Canadian Spa Infrared Sauna Steam Sauna
Generated heat Creates dry heat Wet steam heat
Safety No direct access to heating element provides a child-friendly environment Access to hot coals is required for steam to be created
Power consumption Plugs into a normal 13A plug socket Requires electrical installation as power consumption is high
Installation Can easily be assembled by the customer Comes as one unit and is difficult to transport
Ventilation Infrared saunas do not have ventilation issues as it is a dry heat Requires proper ventilation or must be used outside


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