Hot tub focus: pressure tested plumbing

Pressure tested plumbing

Every fitting is secured and pressure tested at our factory prior to distribution.

The pipe lines are routed throughout the spa to allow for precise jet allocation and maximum efficiency.

Canadian spa uses a uniquely designed pump. The oversized intake found one the pump measures 2.5″ (normally 2″ or lower) . By increasing the size of the intake we flood the water available to the pump permitting more water to be drawn in and pumped out efficiently at a fast and higher pressure. This allows are spas to work off a lower amperage benefiting the jets output and your running costs simultaneously. The 2.5 inch plumbing throughout the spa allows for free flowing unhindered by sharp bends in the pipes as no angle is more than 45 degrees, meaning water flows in the new direction easily, again adding to that pressure received via the jets.

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