Keeping your hot tub ‘tip top’ clean

Keeping your hot tub ‘tip top’ clean

When buying a hot tub, most people worry about the right way to keep the spa water clean. It's only natural that dirt, dust and bacteria get into the water when using the hot tub. But determining the right amount of chemicals that you need to add to your hot tub can be quite tricky.

To enjoy the best from your hot tub and to keep it clean, read our quick tips:

First of all, it is important to know that spa maintenance is a composition of chemical water maintenance (e.g. Chlorine) and physical pool clean up (e.g. filtration). If either or both of them isn't handled properly, this can result in cloudy or dirty spa water. In order to make sure your hot tub is clean, we have to think of the factors that can make your hot tub water dirty.

Sunscreen, creams, residues of shampoos etc.

If you see foam in your spa water, it is often due to people in the spa wearing body lotions or sunscreens. Detergent that remains in swimsuits after laundering also causes foam. 

Our tip is:

  • Make sure everyone takes a shower before getting in the hot tub.
  • Use designated ”rinsed-only” swim apparel, or wear nothing at all!

  • Use our Spa Ball. The Spa Ball acts like a sponge and helps to absorb oils and other residues as mentioned above

Too many pool chemicals:

Using the right amount of pool chemicals can be quite challenging. Using too many chemicals, it can cause cloudy water as well when trying to balance the right pH level and to neutralise the bacteria with Chlorine.

Our tip is:

  • Check the water pH, Alkalinity and Chlorine level with test stripes and download our app.
  • The app will then tell you which chemicals you need to add (and the right amount!)

Water circulation:

The filtration cycle is meant to circulate and maintain the cleanliness of the spa water. By circulating, not only is the heated water being dispersed throughout the tub, but it has a chance to pass through our elaborate filtration process.

Our tip is:

  • Leave your hot tub on at all times.
  • If your hot tub is equipped with circulating pumps it will circulate the water keeping it from building up algae as well as filtering and cleaning the water.

Spa Cover:

Your Spa Cover has an important function for your hot tub as it is responsible for heat retention and to protect your spa water from getting dirty due to dust in the air when not in use. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you clean your cover every now and then because the dirt on your cover might get into the water.

Our tip is:

  • Clean the underside of your spa cover. Just use your garden hose, spray it down and let it air-dry. Always use products recommended by your manufacturer and avoid using a petroleum based product which could be harmful to your cover.

 Filter cartridge:

There's no doubt your filter cartridge plays an important role in keeping your hot tub tip top clean. Thus, a dirty cartridge can't work properly which results in the water not being cleaned.

Our tip is:

  • Clean your filter cartridge: Remove the cartridge from the filter housing and use a garden hose or a tap to wash down the filter. Rinse until all dirt and debris have been removed. Dissolve 250 gms of Canadian Spa Filter Free in 10 litres of luke warm water (one capful holds approximately 30 gms). Use a plastic pail and mix until the solution turns red (always read the label). Soak the filter cartridge for at least 1 hour (overnight is recommended).Rinse the cartridge again after cleaning to remove any traces of cleaning solution.
  • Always dry the filters before inserting them back into your hot tub. We recommend that you purchase a spare cartridge to use in place of your first filter to avoid having to shut down your spa until the first filter is dry. Once it is dry, swap the filters and return the spare filter to storage. We recommend replacing your filters every six months to help
    ensure efficient filtration.
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