Spa hot tub jet benefits


Air is mixed with the water by using the air controls creating a gentle to most vigorous massage. Water flow is adjusted by simply turning the outer face of the full sized jets.

Our hot tubs have a combination of pulsating, rotating, and directional adjustable jets to massage, tone-up or relax your body.

JETS – Jet massage therapy for your whole body:

  1. Neck and upper back relieves muscles, tightness and headaches
  2. Shoulder and upper arm relieves muscle joints improving flexibility
  3. Back & spine relieves stiff joints, arthritis and improves flexibility
  4. Lower back and hips relieves muscles, aches and sciatic hip pain.
  5. Thigh & upper leg relieves muscles, cramps and joint pain.
  6. Lower leg and calf relieves muscles and joint pain.
  7. Feet, ankle & heel relieves muscles, arthritis and joint pain.
  8. Arm & elbow relieves arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tennis/golf elbow.
  9. Hand & wrist relieves, carpal tunnel syndrome and joint pain
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