6 Tips On How To Throw a Fantastic Summer Hot Tub Party

6 Tips On How To Throw a Fantastic Summer Hot Tub Party

What’s a summer without a proper garden party? Well…it would be a summer without all the fun you could have. Especially in the evenings when it gets chilly outside after a hot sunny day. So, get up and start planning for your next or very first garden party.  If you own a hot tub, that’s brilliant! Why don’t you do something different to all the standard BBQ parties and organise a hot tub evening with friends?

Here at the Canadian Spa Company we especially love the social advantage of owning a hot tub – because honestly – who wouldn’t love to sit in a hot tub after a hard day of work? So, treat your friends to an evening full of fun. It's up to you to make a mental list of friends that you would like to invite. We can’t overtake that responsibility for you. But we can advise you to some tips about a hot tub summer garden party.

Check out these 7 tips to make the most out of your garden hot tub party and let your friends enjoy the luxury… 

1. Prepare your hot tub and surroundings

Preparing some bites to eat and fancy cocktails or champagne to greet your guests are basics that you don’t need us to tell you. But as your hot tub will be the focus of your party, you should make sure it’s clean and ready to use when your guests arrive. Maybe perform a water test with the help of our water test app to see if you need to add any chemicals. It’s as easy as that!

Did you already purchase some spa accessories?  Spa Accessories are perfect for a hot tub party when some guests prefer to sit outside the spa. They can sit down on a love seat or next to the corner bar and enjoy some snacks. Your surround furniture provides extra space for your guests to store their towels or bags. You could also provide some towels for your guests, so they don't have to bring any. Make sure your corner planter is filled with some lovely flowers. All these accessories add an extra flair to your party. If you are still thinking about purchasing some spa accessories for your spa, have a look at all our products here.

If you have a specific party theme in mind like a "world cup get together", you could try to arrange a TV outside, organise some flags – or just decorate your surrounding accordingly.

2. Make sure you set the mood with the right lighting:

Powerful and energy efficient, these full-colour LED lights are capable of producing virtually any colour and they beautifully distribute light throughout the spa. You can choose from a variety of effects ranging from calm cool colours to enhance your relaxing and romantic spa experience, to a slowly fading in and out of each colour, to a quickly changing multi-coloured light show for parties.


3. Don’t forget about everyone’s favourite songs:

A party ain’t no party without music. Whether you like to listen to some mellow sounds while you make use of the adjustable water jet pressure and let them massage your back or if you prefer something more like pop music – it’s up to you to decide what’s best. Each 'pop up' speaker is illuminated to match the LED perimeter lighting. The lighting colours can be varied or configured to your personal taste from the spa's Control Centre. Simply connect your phone to the Bluetooth Audio system and the party can start.


4. Why not shine in front of your guests by letting them experience the aromatherapy function of your spa?

Choose from one of our hot tub aromatherapy spa fragrances. What about Strawberry-Champagne? Or maybe you prefer something more romantic like rose? Simply fill the scented beads into the cartridge and let your guests enjoy the smells that fill the air.


5. Make your guests aware of the cup holders:

After your party you don’t want to have to clean up a mess because of drinks that fell over. So, advise every guest to their personal cup holder which will ensure your hot tub to be save from spilled drinks. As you can see on the above image, the cup holders are also illuminated. They match with the rest of your spa lighting which looks beautiful. Thus, everyone will remember where to put it. 


6. Relax and enjoy your hot tub party – it is going to be fantastic anyway!

Since there are so many different themes, decorations, beverages, snacks to choose from - it's time for you to get planning now. But don't worry, owning a hot tub is already a major asset and there is no doubt everyone is going to enjoy it.

If you don't have one yet, find out about our range of hot tub models here. We offer hot tubs up to 7 people so that you have enough space for everyone!

When all your guests arrived, sit back and relax. It is going to be fantastic anyway!

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