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Spa Fragrance Aromatherapy 6 Pack

Spa Fragrance Aromatherapy 6 Pack


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Many people enjoy the relaxation benefits that essential oils and aromatic compounds can provide. We also have a range of selected spas equipped with aromatherapy baskets. To take advantage of this function, purchase some aromatic beads of your favorite scent and place them inside the basket.

Canadian Spa Company’s aromatherapy harnesses that power through scented beads that create an instant aromatic mood that simply takes your cares away. Our aromatherapy directly uses the air from the jets to infuse scents into the air around your hot tub.

Breathe deep, relax and allow spirit-lifting scents to transport you away to another world.

Product contains:
1 x Relaxation Lavender 1 x Chamomile Vigour 1 x Romantic Rose
1 x Spring Green Tea 1 x Strawberry Champagne 1 x Eucalyptus


  • Feel emboldened with our Chamomile Vigour fragrance - boost your spa's vitality-restoring power with this lively scent and soothe nervous tension.
  • Embrace the fresh air of spring even in the dead of winter with our Spring Green Tea fragrance - a light and elegant scent brimming with excitement.
  • Bask in the calming scent of our Relaxation Lavender fragrance - transforming your spa into the ultimate therapeutic experience and helping you to sleep more easily.
  • Add a lovely atmosphere to your evening dip with our Romantic Rose fragrance - this classic sweet scent is a favourite for those with a romantic heart.

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