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2023 Grand Rapids Inflatable 110-Jet 4-Person Hot Tub with LED Light

2023 Grand Rapids Inflatable 110-Jet 4-Person Hot Tub with LED Light


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.The Grand Rapids Plug & Play Spa from the Canadian Spa Company is indeed a marvel of modern spa technology and design. Let's break down some of its features and benefits:

  1. 110 Air-powered Hydrotherapy Jets: A large number of jets means that every corner of the spa offers a refreshing and rejuvenating experience, adding to the overall relaxation factor.

  2. Plug & Play Installation: This feature allows for a straightforward setup with no need for professional installation. It's as simple as plugging into a standard electrical outlet.

  3. Integrated Aromatherapy System: The system lets you add a calming scent to your spa experience, helping to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

  4. 15ft² Filtration System: This large filtration system keeps the water in the spa clean and crystal clear with minimal effort.

  5. Year-round Use: Unlike some spas, the Grand Rapids Spa is designed to be used even in freezing temperatures, making it an excellent choice for people living in harsh climates.

  6. Accessories: It comes with two filters and a trial aromatherapy pack, adding value to the initial purchase. However, it's recommended to get a starter chemical kit separately, as this isn't included in the initial package.

This spa represents the perfect combination of luxury and practicality, with a sleek design that will suit any outdoor decor. It's an ideal choice for those who want a high-quality spa experience in the comfort of their own home.

Starter Chemical Kit

The Grand Rapids spas are in stock and advising delivery as 4 working days from order but normally faster. 


 Click Here for Replacement Filters for the Grand Rapids



  • Digital Controls
  • Plugs directly into a standard 13 A household / outdoor socket - electrician not required (please note the spa will need the full 13amps available for running, e.g. if other items on the same line sharing e.g. tumble dryer, kettle, etc and would leave the spa with less than 13amps - this would not be suitable)
  • Aromatherapy canister to house your favourite relaxing scents
  • Antimicrobial filtration ensures crystal-clear water
  • Air venturi valves to vary the water jet pressure
  • 15ft² Antimicrobial Glacier filter
  • Includes 6" inflatable cover, filters, thermal blanket and delivery to mainland UK
  • LED Light



The 110 air-powered massage jets create an immersive, relaxing experience that rivals that of a professional spa. With the Grand Rapids' powerful 1940W heater and 500W turbo pump, these jets deliver exceptional pressure, providing a satisfying full-body massage experience.

The spa is 29" deep, which means adults can comfortably sit with their shoulders submerged for a thorough full-body massage. However, we understand that this depth might be a bit too much for younger users or adults who prefer sitting higher in the water.

That's why we offer water-filled booster cushions. These cushions are designed to raise the sitting level, making the spa less deep for those using them. They can be used for younger kids or adults who'd like to sit a bit higher during their soak. Please note that these booster cushions are not included with the spa and need to be purchased separately. You can find them at the following link: Water Filled Booster Seat

This additional flexibility means the Grand Rapids Plug & Play Spa can be enjoyed by everyone in your family, no matter their age or height. It's all part of our commitment to providing a spa experience that's relaxing, enjoyable, and accessible for all.

Water Filled Booster Seat

Whilst not essential to purchase, as it is possible to enter the spa without a step, these optional steps have a reversible curved tread allowing it to hug closer to the Grand Rapids spa and create easier access in and out.


Black Plastic Spa Steps - compatible with Grand Rapids spa

Intuitive Digital Controls

The extra large overlay pad of the advanced digital control panel makes operating your spa a dream - easily adjusts jets, pumps, and temperature with the simple touch of a button for reliable and speedy performance. 

 Energy Efficient

The Grand Rapids spa is designed to save money and energy by preventing heat loss: the spa boasts a reinforced heavy-duty vinyl outer cover to ensure the PVC inner liner is completely protected from accidental damage and to reduce heat loss through the spa itself. The included 6" thick inflatable cover rests on top of the spa - not on top of the water - creating an insulating air barrier. The cover also features a 6" skirt and lockable straps to create a seal, maintaining the heat within the spa generated by the 1940W heater.

 Weather Resistant

Built of sturdy and durable marine-grade vinyl, our inflatable spas easily cope with the coldest depths of winter and the heavy heat of summer. Our spas are able to withstand almost any weather conditions and are suitable for outdoor use all year round. 



Technical spec: 








177cm Diameter x 74cm Height (69" x 29")

Dry Weight

35kg (77lbs)

Filled Weight

795kg (1750lbs)

Water Capacity

760 litres


13 Amp Plug & Play


15ft² Antimicrobial




Polyester Laminated PVC, Vinyl, Artificial Leather

Sound System



Includes LED light




Fast delivery. Easy to construct. Works great. Instructions don't tell you much about how to run a spa, so research this beforehand. No chemicals included, you need some. Fits 4 at a squeeze. Technically you don't need a foam mat underneath as the base is thick and I think gel-filled. Pump is quiet on filter/heater mode, and noisy on bubble mode. Spare pipe and seals are included, which is nice. Very pleased overall. - Danno098, West Sussex



Affordable Luxury

I bought this spa a month ago after much research. Set up is quick and easy. The faux leather makes it look more expensive and less like a paddling pool. The jets are good strength and run all through the tub. I like the Canadian spa better than the Lazy Spa's for the extra depth. Living in a cold place like the UK, it's great to have that added depth of water above your shoulders. A good price and it does fit 4 cosily in the tub. It loses a star because the lid of the tub deflates weekly and it's a shame the LED isn't integral to the spa running off electrics - Sharon from Surrey, London

Top hot tub

Brilliant easy to set up love the leather look great when it’s cold love the light and so far so good - Great days, West Midlands 



Feels well made for an inflatable

Really happy with this hot tub, feels well made for an inflatable spa and doesn’t look gopping in the garden. We’ve put it on some rubber mats on decking so it feels comfy. Although I had some bother registering for the warranty I can’t fault Canadian Spa for their customer services. - Elizabet


Quality product, well worth the investment.

Fantastic product well worth the money. Some information on start-up accompanying products would have been useful, but we ordered those separately and now up and running.
Powerful heat and jets and the tub itself is larger than it looks on the pics. Very impressed. - Hot tub converter, West Yorkshire


Key to Home Relaxation

Really easy to install, effective, efficient to keep heated. Great for relaxing and heat treating your joints. - Debsyh, Nottingham


Amazing hot tub, great value for money!

We absolutely love this hot tub! We had been thinking about getting one for a long time as we’ve had friends in the past who have had lay-z-spas that we’d been impressed with. When the first lockdown hit we decided to take the plunge (unintentional pun) but it was impossible to get one. So we were delighted to find this Canadian spa in the Black Friday sale and went for it.

We have not been disappointed! I will summarised our pros & cons:

- nice compact size: we don’t have a huge garden so we wanted one with a small footprint that didn’t take up too much space. This one is a perfect size for 2, and is nice & deep
- stylish looks: it has a grey/silver inner and a very stylish coffee (grey/brown) coloured “leather-look” separate outer. It looks very classy compared to some of the lay-z-spas which often look quite tacky and like a kids paddling pool!
- operational below zero: we wanted a hot tub to use over the winter months and this one can be used in temps below zero whereas most lay-z-spas can’t
- excellent quality & design: the hot tub quality is great all round, the liner, outer & pump all seem excellent build quality, robust and sturdy. Jets are really powerful, we’ve been in lay-a-spas and lots of “proper” hot tubs and the jets on this are impressive! We’re not a huge fan of jets as they are obvious more noisy and the water loses heat when they are on so we tend to have them off most of the time, but if you like bubbles they are good!

Running costs: as with any hot tub, running costs aren’t cheap, especially in the winter, but we expected this so it’s not a complaint! It is much cheaper to run in the spring/summer though! Well worth the cost though in our eyes!

Overall this is a fantastic hot tub and we are so pleased with it, 7 months on we have had no issues whatsoever, highly recommend it! - LadyLouise


So pleased with this

It looks premium and the higher height is lovely as it keeps your shoulders warm. Easy to install and set up. Fights 4 of us in fine - 2 adults and 2 kids. They jets are fab. Literally could not be happier. - ShellsBells



Great Spa - Excellent Customer Service

Bought 1 week ago. Very impressed with the product - very robust and appears to retain the heat well when heating up and maintaining the set temperature. The customer support at Canadian Spa has been very helpful in getting used to operating and maintaining the correct water balance. - AW00638

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