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Balboa Spa Pack GS100 (KK-11113) (54807) included topside (kk-11115) and 2KW heater (kk-11114)

Balboa Spa Pack GS100 (KK-11113) (54807) included topside (kk-11115) and 2KW heater (kk-11114)


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Balboa GS100 M7 Spa Control System - Compact Spa Control
Flexible, Reliable & Feature Rich
The Global Series (GS) series of hot tub control systems are designed using Balboa's patented and famous M7 temperature and water sensing technology and new universal control platform. These features increase the flexibility, reliability, ease of installation and serviceability.
Packed with Innovative features including; output connectors built onto the PCB board, eliminating the usual maze of wires. Variable equipment functions to tailor to your spa Plastic enclosures to eliminate water intrusion.

The GS range is a great "retro-fit" spa pack for troublesome Chinese systems or older spa packs that are no longer servicable. The GS100 is a great space saver with its seperate heater unit it give you the option to install this system in the tighest of spaces. A great system to fit to wooden or barrel tubs.
Spa Pack GS100/54807 can operate:
Blower: N/A
Pump 1: 2 speed or 1 speed.
Pump 2: N/A
Circ Pump: N/A
Light: 10V 12W max- on/off
Ozone Ready: Yes
A/V Output: N/A
Fiber Optic: N/A
Screen Lift: N/A
Heater: Satellite 2.0KW Incoloy 800 element (15"x 1.5".)
Sensor: M7
Compatible Topsides : VL Duplex Series 401, 403, 200, 240, 260
Topside Qty: 1 x Main



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