Air Controller Cap Removal

IMPORTANT: SWITCH OFF ELECTRICAL SUPPLY BY DISCONNECTING THE PLUG AT THE SOCKET OR ISOLATION SWITCH. Please contact a qualified electrician if you need assistance or contact us at Canadian Spa

  1. Using a flat screwdriver – locate it to one side – push under cap and turn head of screwdriver slightly until cap pops off one side.
  2. Continue procedure on the other side of cap (as pictured) TIP: The cap has 2 locating flat parts to it which help lock into place – this is where the screwdriver should be inserted for leverage (be careful not to scratch the spa surface with screwdriver) .
  3. Once both sides have lifted the controller will lift out.
  4. Put the new controller into the housing – remember to locate into the grooves for easy location.
  5. Once in place push down on control until it pops into place.
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