Are you getting the most out of your ozonator?

An ozone generator is a common feature included in many spas to help reduce the amount of chemicals required to sanitize the water. Unfortunately many manufacturers attach their ozone generator directly to the jet line and expect it to operate normally, but this doesn’t maximize the full potential of the ozone generator. To properly sanitize the hot tub water, the ozone must be slowly injected into the water at a constant rate to ensure that the ozone molecules bond correctly with the bacteria within the water. This process can be achieved with a Mazzi injector valve, which uses the water pressure to create a vacuum to uniformly diffuse the ozone into the water line. This results in a more efficient ozone injection method and an overall reduction of harsh chemical use.

The Mazzi injector valve is included within every Canadian Spa Company hot tub

This small valve helps to ensure that you receive the maximum potential of your ozone generator, and is another reason why a Canadian Spa Company hot tub is right for you!

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