Balancing your spa water alkalinity

If you are constantly seeing a high alkalinity reading within your spa and are having a hard time bringing it down, check out these two possible solutions for help.

  • Be sure to follow the instructions on the back of your chemical products to be aware of the complications that could occur. Using too much Foam Free can create a large spike in alkalinity as only 1 drop should be used per affected area. As Foam Free is very potent, using too much will force you to drain the spa to remove its effects.
  • When entering the spa, advise your guests to remove any jewellery that they have with them. If by accident a piece of jewellery slips off into the spa, it can have adverse effects on the alkalinity of the spa, and can be difficult to locate

Checking on your spa regularly is the best method to prevent any unwanted chemical imbalances and ensures that your spa is always clean and clear.

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