Buying a Canadian Spa hot tub

If you are considering a hot tub you probably noticed that they can come in many different sizes and styles depending on which model you want. Each manufacturer adds their own unique feature that can make it difficult when trying to find a replacement part or upgrade for your spa. We believe that to provide the customer with an affordable price a standard approach to hot tubs is the best.

  • All of our tubs come in the silver marble acrylic shell which has been proven to be the most popular style among our customers.
  • Our no-maintenance synthetic cabinets are also standardised to benefit the customer if any problems should occur.
  • By offering standardised coffee cabinets, we can be sure to have any size on hand for the customer at any time.
  • The high quality covers that we supply come in two colours (brown or grey) and this allows us to produce them at a much larger volume.

Larger volume = less cost, and in turn we pass the savings onto you! Customer satisfaction is of the utmost importance to us, and this unique approach provides the customer with the best possible experience when purchasing a hot tub.

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