Can I install the electrical supply to my hot tub?

No. The electrical wiring of your hot tub must meet the requirements of the applicable electrical standards. The electrical circuit must be installed by a qualified electrician.

Take Note:

- Properly grounding the hot tub is extremely important for the safe operation of the unit.

- This spa must be permanently connected (hard wired) to the power supply. No plug-in connections or extension cords are to be used in conjunction with the operation of  spa/hot tubs.

- The power supplied to this spa must be a dedicated circuit with no other appliances or lights sharing the power provided by the circuit.

- An RCD breaker must be used in order for the spa to function properly.

- Choose a location for the entrance of the supply power either the side of the spa or from underneath the unit. Use the appropriate cable gland to secure the power supply.

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