Canadian Spa hot tub jet guide

A) 2” Directional jet, B) 2” Twin Roto jet, C) 3” Directional jet, D) 3” Massage jet, E) 5” Massage jet, F) 5” (Jumbo) Directional jet, G) Circ Jet, H) Air Jet (pepper pot), I) 2” Point jet


The above guide will help you identify the jet type in your Canadian Spa hot tub. To understand how they function see ‘Know your spa jets/controls’

How jets work: Air is mixed with the water by using the air controls creating a gentle to most vigorous massage. Water flow is adjusted by simply turning the outer face of the full sized jets. Our hot tubs have a combination of pulsating, rotating, and directional adjustable jets.

Poor jet performance: If you are experiencing problems with the jets in your spa please check the following:

  • Make sure pump is operating
  • Check that the water level is adequate
  • Make sure the jets are open and the air controls are open.
  • Check for dirty filters. Clean if necessary.

If you cannot resolve the problem please contact your local dealer or contact Canadian Spa.

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