Choosing a location for your hot tub


When thinking about where to position your hot tub, you should consider:

  • The view from the house to the spa, and the view from the spa itself.
  • Ensure quick and easy access from your house to the spa.
  • Direction of drainage. Water should always drain away from the spa. Do not locate your spa in a low run-off area – rain water could flood the area and cause pump and equipment damage.
  • If you are installing the spa within a deck, the entire spa base must be sitting directly on the prepared base. The lip of the shell must not support any weight
  • The minimum clearance for entry to the spa’s access panel for servicing is 1 metre.
  • The spa should not be located near or under overhead wires and must be kept clear of all electrical appliances.

For further information view our Canadian Spa Pre-Delivery Guide.

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