Common signs that you need new hot tub filters

· The spa filter is brown, grey or green or if it stays a dark yellow colour after cleaning.

· The spa or hot tub has been transferred to a new owner.

· The filtering element (the pleated part) becomes flat and loses its fibrous look.

· The top or bottom of the hot tub filter has a crack or split.

· The hot tub filter element starts to shred or come apart.

Clogged filters more are common than you might think. Filters can appear to be clean visually, yet be plugged enough to cause flow and heater problems.

Clean filters thoroughly at least every 4-6 weeks depending on frequency and number of bathers.

Always clean when you drain and refill the hot tub for best water quality. Follow manufacturer’s instructions. First, hose filters off with a high-pressure nozzle. A hand-held water wand that attaches to your hose is perfect for the job.

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