Connecting an MP3 Player to your hot tub

1. Plug in your MP3 player 2. Switch on spa speaker system 3. Place MP3 player in waterproof enclosure

With a Canadian Spa Hot Tub, you don’t need to worry about which music player model you have (iPod, mobile phone, tablet, even a CD player!), as long as you can connect a pair of standard headphones (3.5mm) to your device it will work! Simply locate the audio system enclosure (see picture above), plug in your device.

When using the audio system, make sure that your device is completely inside the plastic enclosure as any splashed water may damage your device.

Most companies offer music systems as an additional feature. At Canadian Spa MP3 connectivity and built-in speakers come as standard on all of our new spa models to provide you with the best spa experience available.

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